Engagement: 40 years of Christchurch Estate

Christchurch estate

ZCD Architects persuaded the award winning photographer Madeleine Waller to document life on the Christchurch Estate in Hackney. This much loved neighbourhood, built in 1977, is local to us and we know it well. Christchurch Estate is full of life - children play out in all weathers are there are safe spaces outside their front doors. Residents talk about what a wonderful place it is to live, some of them having been there since the very beginning. It is the story of a successful estate and the photographs speak for themselves. They are proof that children still play out if given the opportunity and show the benefits this brings to the community.

We organised an exhibition of the photographs during London Festival of Architecture in 2017 to coincide with its 40th birthday, inviting the residents to come and share their memories with us.

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