Engagement: Mapping for social use

ZCD Architects have developed a unique method of mapping open spaces in estates and neighbourhoods. Having undertaken hundreds of hours of observational research we know that spaces that are car free, overlooked, accessible and connected to other spaces are the most well used. By creating maps based on these principles we enable clients and designers to predict how successful new layouts will be - the warmer the map overall, the better the neighbourhood.


Plas Madoc.jpg
12 houses and green.JPG

Plas Madoc. Wrexham. Wales

CRE Heat Map.jpg
CRE Community day GBPhotos 114 Low Res.jpg


01 BAR access_1.jpg
01 BAR networks_1.jpg
Hufton and Crow - Barking Riverside 01.jpg

Image courtesy of Hufton and Crow

Barking Riverside

180116_De Beauvoir Heat Map.jpg
180615 Networks.jpg

De Beauvoir Estate. Hackney. London