Museum of London: Play Streets

Museum of London: Play Streets


ZCD are working with the Museum of London to bring together ‘London’s Biggest Play Street’. This is part of the Culture Mile and Play the Mile events that will stretch from Farringdon to Moorgate, inspiring free events in unexpected places. London’s Biggest Play Street will take place on two Saturdays in August, where kids of all ages will be invited to come and reclaim the space of Smithfield Market for free family adventure play. This event aims to explore the value of play and creativity in everyday life, and the importance of free play for children in the public realm.


Smithfield Market will be transformed from a working market place into a child friendly street of colour, activity and free play. The basis of the activities will be a tool kit of loose parts. This comes following research and publications (‘Loose Parts Play, A Toolkit’ co-authored by Theresa Casey and Juliet Robertson) showing the benefits of children playing with loose parts and every day objects, rather than prescribed games and play equipment. Interaction with loose parts has been shown to encourage imaginative play and problem solving skills, as well as a sense of adventure and excitement for children.

Grand Avenue will be divided into four areas of loose parts. This will include a water area, a jumping and building area, a den area, and a safe area for small persons. Within these areas, children will be free to use the parts to invent, interact and play. A route through the street will be roughly demarcated in washable chalk paint and bright colourful decorations and bunting will decorate the market building around.

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