Engagement: Walking Tours

A well organised walking tour is the best way to start a dialogue about a local area and participants will give high levels of feedback when they are included in sessions. We give cameras to children and young people and ask them to take photographs and shoot videos about the spaces we go to and what it is like to live there. We also use survey sheets to analyse spaces, giving a clear picture of how people perceive local neighbourhoods

LLDC walking tour.jpg

Walking tour of Pudding Mill Lane with Legacy Youth Voice. 2019


Walking tour of De Beauvoir Estate with year five pupils from De Beauvoir School. As part of Neighbourhood Design research. 2018


Walking tour of Regents Park Estate with Euston Young People’s panel. 2019

IFF walking tour.jpg

Walking tour for Islington Fair Futures. Organised by ZCD Architects 2017.

IMG_2897 2.jpg

Walking tour for #hackney2026 a summit with developers, housing associations, policy makers, international practitioners and designers. Event organised by ZCD Architects 2016,


Walking tour of Cambridge Road Estate in Kingston. 2019