EYP2040 | 2019

Research: Neighbourhood Design: Working with children towards a child friendly city | 2019

ZCD Publication: This report provides new evidence, urban design and participatory guidance to achieve child friendly city objectives.

Between edges and hedges.jpg

Between Edges and Hedges | 2018

Interview for Harrow Council on designing for children and people.

Research: Housing Design for Community Life | 2016

A ZCD Publication into social use of external space in ten recently completed developments across England. Please click on above image for more information.

Essay: Getting homes built | 2018

Essay on importance of designing for children. Published by Urban Design London. Please click on above image for more information.


Essay: BIG Magazine

Essay on Christchurch Estate in Hackney for Harrow Council. 

AJ Barratt Home of the Future | 2015

This scheme which was a finalist in the AJ Barratt Home of the Future competition developed the idea of one building that can be adapted into four homes, responding to the four stages of family life, with each home is derived from an identical base. The home is designed to be able to grow and adapt over the lifetime of the family, according to changing need.

The Housing Design Handbook.jpg

The Housing Design Handbook | 2018

Museum of London: Play Streets

ZCD are working with the Museum of London to bring together ‘London’s Biggest Play Street’. This event aims to explore the value of play and creativity in everyday life, and the importance of free play for children in the public realm.

Cities Alive | 2018

Reference to ZCD Research in this ARUP publication. Please click on above image for more information. 

Research: Making Spaces for Play | 2017

NHBC Publication with ZCD Architects. Summary of Housing Design for Community Life. Aimed at house builders in England. Please click on above image for more information.

chain reaction.jpg

Essay: Chain Reaction: Neighbourhood Play | 2018

Chain Reaction is a series of essays discussing the question: Do buildings damage your health?

Neighbourhood design (final).jpg

Research: Play Sufficiency and Neighbourhood Layout | 2018

ZCD Publication: This report for Wrexham County Council is a systematic mapping review of four neighbourhoods using previously researched techniques. The maps offer a unique way to visualise Play Sufficiency, a statutory duty for local authorities across Wales.

Letchworth Garden City | 2018

Our re-imagining of Letchworth Garden City weaves together the themes of localised food production and consumption with one of everyday spatial freedom, creating a socially, ecologically sustainable new neighbourhood.

The Happy Home | 2016

One footprint makes four homes: Creating a spacious home that works for four different layouts, from terrace to detached, on different sites across the country.