South Downs House

South Downs House

Built on the South Downs Way in Hampshire, this house for a woodturner is constructed from rammed earth, timber and reclaimed roof tiles.

DBn Living room wall.png

House for a Woodturner on the South Downs

Completed in 2008 this house replaces derelict sheep sheds on a site formerly owned by the forestry commission in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The layout protected the long views for walkers and created a modest house with a rammed chalk wall, dug directly from the site. Along the South Downs Way this wall creates a 20m long screen, protecting the house and garden from view. As a retaining wall along the west of the site, t is exposed on the internal face, allowing the living room and kitchen to benefit from the thermal mass. 

The 'sleeping house' and 'living house' are connected by a glass roofed entrance hall with the woodturning workshop located separately. The house is heated by a ground source heat pump and has very low energy in construction and use.

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