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Islington's Fair Futures

Location: Islington, London

Client: Islington Council

Year: 2017

Place Summit and Fair Futures Commission

On the back of our successful #Hackney2026* conference*, where we brought together built environment professionals to take part in presentations, workshops, walking tours and discussions, we were appointed by the Fair Futures Commission to develop and deliver their Place Summit.

#The success of the #Hackney2026 Conference catalyzed the Mayor of Hackney's commitment to becoming a Child Friendly Borough and served as the catalyst for the inaugural Spatial Planning Policy (SPD) development.

Islington's fair futures
Islington's fair futures

The Fair Futures Commission was an independent programme, commissioned by the Council to look at how the borough could be a fairer place for young people. 

We developed a format of presentations, a walking tour, Instagram videos and discussion and used it to create an engaging day with industry leaders from across the built environment sector. Using our extensive network we invited local authority officers, architects, play workers and development professionals.

Islington's fair futures
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