ZCD Architects combine design and development with lived experience, research and policy to create liveable, sustainable communities. Our expertise and focus is on children and young people, but our broad approach benefits all age groups and creates opportunities for intergenerational thinking

We drive meaningful engagement that has a viable and sustainable impact on developments. We create bespoke solutions for clients, using techniques which range from walking tours and workshops with young people and professionals, through to event organisation for children and the community, including London’s Biggest Play Street for Museum of London and 40 years of Christchurch Estate. We bring together local residents, team members, planners and councillors, in the knowledge that working together will bring about positive change in our neighbourhoods and cities. We don’t stop there; our participatory tools are influencing policy development as well, putting people at the heart of the development process in a way that is beneficial to design teams and clients alike.

Our mapping systems visualise the principles of play and ‘independent mobility’ both of which are important policy objectives in the London Plan. Mapping for social use and play can meet social value objectives and help predict the success of new or changing neighbourhoods.

Clients include: Lendlease, LLDC, Catalyst Housing, Hackney Council, Kingston Council, Museum of London

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Walking tours

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Mapping for social use and play

Working with communities and professionals

Working with children and young people

London’s biggest play street: Museum of London

Celebrating 40 years of Christchurch Estate. With photographer Madeleine Waller