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Sidney Close

19 spacious family homes around a shared garden.

Location: Lane End, Buckinghamshire

Client: Catalyst Housing

Budget: £4 million

Contractor: Jarvis Contracting

Technical Architect: Rock Townsend

Completion: 2021

Sidney Close is situated on a steeply sloping site next to the M40. The arrangement organises homes around a shared garden, shielding this space from motorway noise while creating a welcoming environment for residents to gather and children to play.

‘It's spacious, definitely. This is a really big house for a two bedroom., the rooms are massive. It's just a blessing!"


Image credits: Jarvis Group

child-friendly Housing scheme sidney close
child-friendly Housing scheme sidney close

The garden offers doorstep play from each home, allowing children to roam freely and safely/ Additionally, wheelchair access is facilitated by a pathway encircling the garden, accommodating the slope seamlessly.

‘My kids love the outside bit. Every day, after school, before school if they can, they are out there. And all the time at the weekend. If we're in, they're out there, even if it's cold.’


Image credits: Matt Clayton

The housing layout draws inspiration from Jørn Utzon's Kingo housing in Helinsgør, Denmark. It comprises uniform single-story L-shaped homes with consistent layouts, offering private courtyards and promoting a sense of community through shared green spaces. This approach provides various benefits, including secluded personal courtyards, direct access to the communal garden, dual-aspect views, and, at Sidney Close, an inconspicuous carport beneath the first-floor bedroom.

Image credits: Matt Clayton

child-friendly Housing scheme sidney close
 Housing scheme sidney close

Sidney Close has a real community feel. Although it's small, it has become one of our flagship schemes.

Catalyst Housing

Image credits: Matt Clayton

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